Your Personalized Cosmetic Pouch comes in your chosen color with your name and good luck charm with it. So, Discover cosmetic pouch with your name embedded on it, New exclusively at The Crazy store.

Our spacious Carry-All Pouches can carry everything from your makeup essentials to your shaving kit. Stay organized and stylish while you carry them hassle-free.

cosmetic pouch size is 8” x 5.3”. Strip colors are pre-defined.

All names will inscribe in CAPITAL letters and Alphabets can only inscribe. Special characters cannot inscribe also Shipping is free Pan India for the cosmetic pouch. Price includes a name and 1 charm.

Our all products are made of genuine vegan leather and One of the biggest benefits of getting your cosmetic pouch customized is that you can keep in mind the latest trends.

Besides, if you like bold colors then we have a collection of sober, simple, and bold colored cosmetic pouches. Vegan Leather gives a perfect touch to this craft.

Our handcrafted cosmetic pouch can make an ideal gift to treat to yourself, or a special person in your life. If you’re looking for a personalized cosmetic pouch in India, we suggest that you browse our website (

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