Charity Mission

In this materialistic world, people usually find themselves lacking either wealth, health or any other thing. Rather concentrating on what they have, they always look up to the people surrounded by them.

To accomplish desired life and to be a center of attraction in society, they follow such entities like celebrities, sportspersons, political etc. and think that they would be like them or get positions just as they have.

Though we never think that there are lots of people around us who need the help of us and also we can help but we never see that sight. Such families under poverty should have to make extensive effort to fulfill their fundamental needs like food, house, clothes.

If we don’t waste food or we can help them whatever we can then it might be the great work rather than anything. also if we can save animals or birds, then it would be a great startup from our side and inspirable to others also.

Let us take an insight into this problem and provide sufficient help, in order to get rid out of these kinds of problems. Lastly, I would like to state that “CHARITY MAKES NO DECREASE IN PROPERTY”.

How do you help others?

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